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Rules and application for jordan_college

Jordan College is a panfandom RPG. Characters from any published fandom can be played, excluding deities. What do we mean by published fandom? Books, movies, graphic novels, well-established webcomics are all fair game; your own self-published original fiction or a self-published webcomic are not. Original characters based in the His Dark Materials universe are permitted. Any other original characters are not permitted. Real people are permitted, pending mod approval. (E.g., if you try to app Adolf Hitler, expect us to say no.) The mods reserve the right to reject any character concept they think would be disruptive or not in keeping with the spirit of the game.

Characters not originating in the His Dark Materials universe will obtain a daemon when they enter Asriel's world. The player will choose the form of this daemon, and the character will choose or discover its name. Daemons cannot go more than a few meters from their human except in the case of HDM-verse witches.


Our rules are simple:

No godmoding. No metagaming. The fourth wall is to stay intact; the characters do not believe that they are fictional. If you're unsure of anything, ask the mods.

Characters can die in this game, just as they can die in His Dark Materials canon. Obviously a character can only be killed with his/her player's permission (no godmoding!) but players should keep in mind that in-character actions mean in-character consequences. Your character is not invincible.

While the game is played on LiveJournal, the characters themselves do not have LiveJournals; this is not a diary-format RPG. The roleplaying occurs in a narrative prose format. There is no minimum or maximum length requirement for posting.

Keep extreme violence and graphic love scenes behind an LJ-cut, please. Give a warning outside the LJ-cut so that people who would prefer not to read such content, or who aren't of age, can avoid reading it.

Characters already taken in the game are listed on our roster.

Comments are closed in this post! Please email any questions to collegeatjordan[at]gmail.com.

To apply, please answer the following questions and send to collegeatjordan @ gmail.com. Once your application is approved, your account will be given membership in the community, and you will be asked to make an IC arrival post. Nonhuman characters will be based at the northern outpost; as for human characters, the player may choose whether they would rather be Oxford-based or based in the north. You may apply for up to three characters a month.


Player name/handle:

Character name:

Character canon/fandom of origin:

Character livejournal account:

Tell us a little about your character and characterization thereof. Aim for about a paragraph. We want some information, but don't intend this to be onerous. You don't need to write us a novel and we don't need to read one. ;)

Specify the name and species of your character's daemon, unless your character is ineligible to possess a daemon (e.g., your character is a panserbjørn). Include a short summary of why you picked that particular animal. (For naming help, you might try this generator.) Note: In choosing a daemon you'll want to remember that the daemon reflects the character's personality to some extent, and that daemons are generally the opposite gender from your character; there is a theory that same-sex daemons correlate to same-gender sexual preference, which you may choose to follow as well if your character is so inclined, but that's not a strict guideline, just something to keep in mind.

Specify what superhuman abilities, if any, your character possesses in canon, and how they might be modified or dampened for the purposes of this game; we will discuss this with you on a case-by-case basis. Note: If your proposed character possesses powers that would outmatch what is available to characters within His Dark Materials canon, please think about ways their powers could be diminished when they enter Lyra's World.

Are you over the age of majority in your country? Note: We do not bar under-age players from the game. It is not within our ability or interest to verify players' ages. What we do ask is that players who are under-age do not roleplay smut in the community. We do permit adult roleplay in this game: we are fine with yaoi, yuri, slash, het, gen -- any and all. However, if there is smut, keep it behind an LJ-cut, with a "not safe for work / contains smut" warning outside the cut.

What sort of roleplaying experience do you have? We are open to novice RPers as well as veteran players. We ask only because it would help us to know how much guidance you'll need, or if you'll be able to mentor less experienced players.

Please include a link to a previous RP you've done, or if you haven't rped before, please include a short writing sample. If you are already playing here, then this part is not necessary.
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